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Originally Posted by Daveyc View Post
Hi Tiller,

Just to confirm per F30AM's post, if you spec VSS, the steering stays light in both eco and comfort. I found it too light in these modes at first, but it's a slow-burn thing and you come to appreciate the consistent precision and there is still some useful feel.

It's only in Sport that it comes alive and takes on real weight and feel. The difference is quite dramatic over comfort and, for me, it really fits in nicely with the feel of the car in full sport (chassis and drivetrain).

To qualify what I said in my earlier post, the feel with VSS in sport mode is impressive for an electric system, but we're not talking 996 911 feel here (or 997 for that matter). But getting away from 911s, I'd say this is as good as I've felt on a recent beemer and I'm not missing hydraulic steering.

To split hairs, you could say the feel comes across as a little manufactured at times, but I find that only really applies in slower bends that you take gently and there is still that satisfyingly meaty feel anyway. Up the pace and push the car deeper into a bend and the feel is impressive, with the tugging feel varying slightly as the car moves its weight around and goes over small bumps, just as it should in conventional system. I still can't work out how BMW do this bit, given it's all synthetic. Glad they did though.

I think BMW should re-word the brochure entries for VSS. All the entries I've seen waffle on with a load of corporate twaddle about variable steering ratio and completely fail to point out that there is lots more weight and feel and that this is reserved for Sport mode, so you can still have the finger steering thing if you have American relatives ...
Thanks for this but does the standard Seritronic steering not firm up in sport as well, and how would you compare this to standard m sport steering