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Originally Posted by jboy View Post
Sorry to not get back for so long.

Please note that I said I am "a little disappointed" with the 3013 328. I am not strongly disappointed with the car and we plan on keeping it. It gets great mileage (averaging 27 mpg) and I hope it develops more power as it breaks in (only 600 miles currently) and I can start using Sport mode more often.

I did test drive both the 2013 328s and a 335s and came away from the test drive feeling the 328 was fast enough, and for daily driving it is fine. Also, I got a heck of a discount for buying at on the 30 of December. The price difference of the discounted 328 vs a full charge 335 was in excess of $6,500. Both cars felt a little big and not as responsive as earlier 3 series models. To me the 3 series seemed to be getting more 5 like with every model. I base this on having owned a lot of BMWs (8 or more) and currently owning 4 3-series cars (2013 328, 2011 335, 2009 328, 2007 335 (this car is a rocket)).

So I will be driving the 328 to work and around town. But on the weekend trips down fun roads (ex. Highway 1 ) I will take the 2011 335 because it is a more fun car. More power, a little nibbler, and better balanced.

You think you have it bad? How about those people driving F10 528is around? Now that is highly questionable!