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Originally Posted by F30AM View Post
I would love to drive an F30 with M Sport Adaptive Suspension shod without Run Flat Tyres.
That could possibly be an even more fab car? Yes? No?
That's an interesting question. The first answer is probably "better" whatever the setup of the adaptive suspension. But suggest not going to be as marked as we were on the early E9x models.

You likely gather from my comments, I've been on this RFT issue for quite a few years now, hence why getting into a 5-series required Adaptive Drive as the first key option, and deal breaker if not fitted. I'm running 18" RFTs on my summer set and 17" RFTs on the winter set. I'm actually pleased with both, they both work with a very similar feel, even the winter RFTs in cold temperatures, and give very little negative feedback.

We have moved on a great deal, so any change would have to be carefully thought out. I sense you'd need a decent UHP tyre with pretty good lateral performance, to keep the good characteristics, not giving much away in the handling department, but a little more tyre flex for comfort. I'm happy to keep with RFTs on my car, but do wonder how much smoother and refined the ride would be, fitted with non run-flats.

I'm sure it will be more marked on cars not fitted with adaptive suspension, particularly if running passive M-sport suspension.