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Originally Posted by derekh929 View Post
Thanks for this but does the standard Seritronic steering not firm up in sport as well, and how would you compare this to standard m sport steering
Sorry Derek, I don't know the answer to that question. I know that in the F31 330d demo car I drove, the steering certainly weighted up in Sport and the sales guy was keen to point that feature out. I know that car didn't have VSS, but I don't know if it had standard steering or servotronic.

Sorry, this isn't much help. Also, BMW don't help at all in their description on their car configuration: 'Servotronic adapts the power steering supper to the current speed and provides superior comfort by reducing the required steering force'.

This could mean anything, including that the steering weights up more in Sport mode. I'd bug your dealer until you can find someone who knows or, better, get test drives of cars with standard and VSS.