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Originally Posted by JonoNZ View Post
The lips are fine and don't seem to accumulate much dust or dirt. They really improve the sides of the car imo - subtle but they do increase the vertical height of the side and doors and look great. I wasn't sure if I wanted the vinyl M Performance bits, but really like them now.

The car gets a lot of comments!
Im not surprised at you getting comments I am going with the 18" wheels on my F31 mainly for the ride comfort and I don' t think the front spoiler would look as well on a car with 18".

I don't intend to go for the side decals, don't think they are me.

I am definite on the diffuser in your colour scheme. Your photos won it for me thanks. The side lips am not just sure about, I would like to see these in real life if you know what I mean so I will be pondering for a bit yet.