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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
You definitely have to use a dealer.

Poke around on the ED sub-forum here and read about peoples' experience with dealers across the country. You don't have to use a dealer local to you. There is one guy on the east coast (David Aviles) and one on the west coast that specialize in ED.
Yeah. I got a reply back where the guy was using residual of the ED MSRP instead of the US MSRP.

I think I will be staying away from him. Seems like he wasn't sure what he was talking about. Another one flatly said if I'm interested in doing a $500 over, then he's not interested and if any other dealer is, then great. Seems like the vibe I'm getting is probably ED MSRP (minus the invoices) and MAYBE another $500. On a $46550 with $1040 due at signing, MF of .00130 & Residual of 62% @ 12k, he gave me a monthly of $621. I did the same calcs. on Leaseguide's calculator and I was at $568. And this was without any further negotiating or any other cost reduction methods...

BTW, where is this sub-forum?