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Originally Posted by KellerKiller View Post
I've found that the distance from you to the bumper is most important. Pretty sure it uses the parking sensors on the bumper to register the movement. That's why it only works when the doors are locked and the car is off. other wise all the asshole tailgaters may pop your trunk. lol

Anyway, you just have to make sure your kick is not inside the range of the center two sensors. That's what's done it for me. Prior to figuring that out, I failed miserable several times. lol
well, i thought the FOB is what prevents random people to pop the trunk....

i also don't have PDC, it must be that i have some crappy ass toe moves.

ill try again with more pointy toes. Seeing that the toe has to be pointed up must be just a small pretty sensitive sensor ... toeing up shortens the distance and must trigger it. more practice for me i guess.
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