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Originally Posted by Dinh335 View Post
Hi all,
I searched, and didn't find a thread , if there is sorry if I may have missed it.

I can't seem to get the foot swipe trunk open to work. I've only gotten it to work 2x and failed about 20. Other key fob isn't near by... trunk isn't locked inside of glove compartment either.

Do i just have crappy foot technique?
It's a cool idea, but poorly implemented in the F30.
I know it's "supposed" to work as I've got it to work, but, it doesn't work every time. My success rate is about 6-7 out of every 10 attempts.
If this were implemented correctly we wouldn't have to have several threads about this very issue discussing the "proper technique".
If it were implemented correctly it should work EVERY time you try it.
I know a technique that works every time, use the button on the fob or simply use the button supplied on the trunk lid.

Don't forget you have to have the fob in your pocket, or you'll just end up looking really silly continually kicking at your cool cars butt.