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Originally Posted by BavarianFanatic View Post
I can't comprehend how so many have an issue with this. It's such an intuitive thing. I've never had a single issue since day one.

You don't need to get anal about pointing your toe, lining up with the roundel or thrusting your leg in a certain manner. Just walk up and give a quick kick in/out. The sensor is up behind the bumper. It measures the longitudinal movement of your foot fore/aft. It does NOT use the park sensors.

Distance from the bumper isn't particularly important (vertically). It has enough range to reach the ground. It also has a pretty reasonable range side to side.

I literally just walk up and give a quick kick. Works 100% of the time. Don't overthink it.

I have NEVER failed since day one and when I tell my friends (incl. my mother who knows nothing about tech stuff) who doesn't know that it exist to kick behind the car they also make it on their first kick.