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Originally Posted by Infamouz627 View Post
I had the same question initially but I think the time spent on dealing with the amount of paper work that's involved with ED, the CA can spend his/her time trying to make a real profit off a sucker who's willing to pay MSRP so they tell you they can't get anywhere close to invoice in hopes you just go away .02.

I just priced out my 335i ED and got an offer of $500 over invoice. No loyalty discount since I'm coming from an A4 but what is this additional $1000 bonus you speak of?
BMWFS is giving a $1000 credit right now for Lease / Finance on new F30s. So that's what I'm talking about. I think it's on BMW's website. On an update, my local dealership (who I wasn't expecting to do anything) told me that they couldn't lock in the MF & Incentives if I want delivery in july. He said after 60 days, BMWFS considers the application invalid and I would have to apply again. But he did agree to the $500 over invoice (less any incentives that could be going on in April). He told me I should order it in April. My only concern is that I feel this dealership might be inexperienced with the ED. Bill R. from Kelly BMW in Columbus says he's done quite a bit, but he clearly stated if I wanted $500 over invoice, he's just not interested. He also said that he would have to order the car this month to ensure my preferred delivery date (I was already heading to EU in July). I just have to clarify with him if he will include any incentives in April, or is this going to be the bottom line price. Local dealership said, he will do the ED invoice + $500 (less any incentives). Of course at the time of signing (in July probably) if there are better incentives they get applied too.

Which direction should I be leaning towards?

Edit: Kelly has mentioned a price of $45450, which is I'm guessing about $400 more than what my local BMW Dealer has offered...

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