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Originally Posted by RayF31 View Post
Thanks for pointing out. Much appreciated I read this and tried it on a Windows 7 32-bit virtual in both parallels and VMware fusion but ZGW_search does not show anything. My guess is it doesn't work in a virtual machine setup. I have waited until my LAN adapter has received the class B and runned E-sys but I am unable to connect by selecting the VIN as this is greyed out and therefor not selectable.

Will setup it again....

Hello Ray,

My 2 cents,.
I don't know fusion nor your machine however if you set the virtual machine from a laptop you usually have 2 physical network interfaces: a LAN card(for wired connection) and a wireless card. When you bind the virtual network card in bridge mode, be sure to select the physical LAN card. Unless you will not necessarily notice anything from the virtual machine itself (I mean virtual LAN card will still be up) and it can still be "not connected". APIPA address is not assigned but set by default by the OS when the card is set to dhcp and it cannot find any server. So it is the default behavior when it is isolated and does not prove it has been able to discuss with anything.