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Originally Posted by sunscreemer View Post
Demand was very good for my A3 TDI quattro, which I was told was because there aren't too many good AWD versions around. Told not many people "ticked the 1,500 quattro box" and demand outstripping supply. I paid 28,000 for it almost 3 years ago (it had a list price of 30,000) and i've got 15,000 part-ex. despite expecting to get 14,000 if I was lucky.

Could well be the same with the 3 series xDrive. In 3 or 4 years time when I come to get rid you'd imagine that as it doesn't have the RWD that puts so many people off it could really enhance it's value.
Would be nice to think that but I am a realist and I don't think it will keep its value more than other models. I intend not to worry too much about the Depreciation, accept it and just enjoy the car. Xdrive of course!