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Originally Posted by f1swk View Post
im in Perthshire,i had a f31 330d touring buts its been returned due to an issue and I have been credited back by the dealer who I cant fault, they were unable to find a like for like so im back looking again.i did consider the x drive but for the 2 days of the year when it could be used im better to stay at home and throw another log on the fire.
the 2wd version is everything I would ever need,the 4wd mpg,extra weight and handling is not a penalty I would pay extra for.
just waiting on these overspeced demos to hit 6months then make an offer
hat's not so good was it something wrong with the buildof the car?, i feel the dealers are being silly with the demo's i tried to get 3 down but would not budge. I have decided to go with RWD after getting head clear today , you make a good point re a couple of days a year, i think it was just as it was a new gadget.