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Thurman Murch

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So is the S55 and Alpina N55 just a N55 with dual twinscrolls? Kinda like the S63tu turbo but along the side? So you get all the tech updates for the N55 and then the full pulse modulated turbo and exhaust? For the M3 maybe the third turbo kicks in low or high... but knowing on the M3 has the front middle and top air inlet... then the air box on the left in the S55 bay is just an additional source of air in addition to the water cooled dual air inlets feeding the dual twinscrolls? So the third air inlet is just going through an air to air intercooler?

So it is like getting all the best of the N54 and N55 and water cooled intake? I could see the M3/M4 besting this by 3.5 3.7 0-60 and then still have a robust top end

or just a twin turbo N55 with latest updates