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It's so sill yto read these article with some executive fomr a car company saying "we want to compete with the other car but we won't lose the key characteristics that make a (insert Jag, Lexus, BMW, Infiniti, Mercedes) a (repeat previously mentioned brand).

Look, they're all smallish sedans with 4 wheels. Everyone has premium audio, the ability to have AWD, navigation, etc. There is no groundbreaking factor to be discovered that will catapult one brant into the lead. They market to their own demographics with some degree of crossover. The "identity" of the car is not going to make it better or make me want one.

Fact is, you sell cars by giving people more for their money. As of yet, nobody is doing that. Instead, they collude so everyone get to protect their margins.


-does any vehicle in the luxury sport sedan segment have a real leather-wrapped dashboard? No. They're all that foamy textured plastic/rubber stuff that.

- what's the horsepower range among all the cars in the segment? Something like 184hp in the 320i up to 320hp in the ATS?

- do any cars have AWD standard, or sport suspension standard, or navigation/premium audio standard?

The competitive advantage comes from not compromising on performance, and giving people value for money. Until we see that, the hierarchy and the share of sales volume won't change much.