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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
I am not talking about guessing. This is a known fact. Alpina builds their own product.

Alpina is their OWN manufacture, recognized by the German goverment. Every car that they build has an ALPINA vin and is not a BMW. That is why their cars do not carry the BMW roundel(s). I have been to three BMW factories over here: Munich, Regensburg and Leipzig. BMW only builds BMW's. Alpina builds their own cars. Just like MB and AMG's relationship. Every AMG car gets built by AMG, not MB. AMG is far larger factory than Alpina.
Alpina does not build their own cars they are built in BMW plants with components supplied by Alpina- BMW M actually puts in the build order for Alpinas. The areo mods, wheels and trim (on certain models) are fitted in Buchloe.

They assembly parts like the cooling package into kits and truck it to where it is being built (Dingolfing for example) where the Alpina is assembled and painted on the regular line- the rest as I noted above is completed at Alpina.

Alpina is considered a manufacturer in Germany because they create their own engines and they have a Tüv approved emissions lab (where they certify cars like Weissman). They also ALWAYS use the BMW Roundel on the hood and trunk.

The ZF transmission they currently use (8HP) has patented components and methods that are Alpina exclusive so they are not used elsewhere.

This engine is based on the N55 and is based on advances M had made with the S55...

(Below is bench testing the 8HP, the cooling packs being crated for shipment and a B6 that returned from BMW to have the aero/exhaust and wheels swapped out). and yes they reuse the base components that get swapped out over and over again!!!)
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