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Originally Posted by MadZarBMR View Post
You can definitely tell the difference from M-Sport. Spent a week in a 328 loaner and am still trying to get used to the stiffness. What I really like is that the body roll is virtually gone and the amount of forward pitch during hard corner braking is significantly less. There is also a very direct feel to the steering that wasn't there before. Car is sharp with practically no lag during quick steering. Definitely has the sports car feeling.

Word of caution: I would encourage those that don't like a stiff ride or that live in areas with bad roads to think twice about the M suspension. Especially with low-profile tires.
Thanks for the review! it's very helpful. I just got my Msport 335 this week (also Mineral Grey). I think the ride now is perfect (plus I'm on stock 18'' rubber). I think it could be maybe 5 percent stiffer, (daily driver in dc w bad roads and wife and kid here). ...but sounds like the Mperformance may be too much, especially if i go to lower series tires..... would u agree?

Sucks cause I guess the only other option right now is prob h&r sports, but I'm nervous those will bounce or damage oem dampers over time.
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