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Originally Posted by MotoEV View Post
  1. Having a bad day? No one to talk to at home?
  2. The question was about a larger wheel and tire on a standard suspension for asthetics, ride quality, and tire grip.
  3. Thanks for a worthless, self-serving comment that adds little value but highlights your 'shortcomings'

Wheel diameter, tire depth, sidewall height, and rubber compound impact ride quality. If you are intellectually bankrupt on these factors, take a hike.
Haha. Best response ever.

Anyhow, to answer your question... the 19's with lower profile tires (especially RTFs) will make you hit bumps harder. But if you're looking for the panted feel that an E90 M-Sport has, then you need to change the suspension on the F30. Tires will give you more grip but won't help too much in the body roll department.