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Originally Posted by jrsx86 View Post
WOW! Looks amazing! Didn't realize the slight drop would make it look that much more aggressive vs stock (That M performance front lip helps too!). I think I might just shell out the dough for the M Performance suspension instead of getting lowering springs when my car comes next week. How much did everything run you? Noticed you were in the bay area too! Thanks for such an informative post!
Got local dealer to match pricing from Took a bit of convincing, but when I finally told them that I would just order the parts online, they caved. Labor in the Bay Area is ridiculously expensive. I could only get them to give me 15% off their regular rate of $180/hr. (yeah - crazy!!). Out the door for everything listed (including paint for diffuser) plus stainless steel pedals was just over $6200. I guess that's the price you pay for piece of mind??

On a related note - I was originally going to take the car to Dinan until I learned that their relationship with BMW has fallen apart and BMW no longer CPOs Dinan cars. If BMW is going to push their own performance parts, they need to do a better job at getting their dealers educated on what they are and how to order/install them. Believe it or not, I had to hand hold the parts department on what part numbers I needed (the posts here definitely helped guide me). Then, the shop took a week to complete what should have been done in 11 hours. They had originally told me they would only need the car for 2 days. Glad to have the car back.