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Originally Posted by verbs View Post
Where did I say the E9x M3 was a bad car but the F8x will be a good car? I never said that.

Let's be clear, the F30 Alpina B3 only gains 10hp over the previous model with more or less the same engine/power delivery profile, and the car doesn't weigh substantially different from the previous version most likely. A low 5500rpm horsepower peak indicates boost is being tapered off at higher rpms. It does however get the 8 speed tranny which will help performance a tad no doubt.

The new F8x M3 will have a completely different engine setup and power delivery profile than the previous M3, not to mention they're targeting a noticeable weight reduction for the car. There's no reason this car can't come in 150-200lbs lighter than the Alpina. With all these changes, and a still unknown final power figure, it's an apples to oranges comparison, but also premature right now to say that because the E9x B3 was better bang for your buck than say the e9x M3, the same will be true with the F3x B3 vs. the F8x M3.
Totally agree with that. That is why seing how good the B3 performance figures , I can only imagine what the M3 will be.

I said that in regard to those discrediting the Alpina. It is a better choice than a 335i if you can get it. No tuned 335i will be better than the Alpina, so let alone comparing 335i to M3. (taking about F30/F80)