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Originally Posted by Enilder View Post
That's why every human being is different. You decided to pay extra bucks because it's not worth your time but it doesn't hurt to push it. It only takes an e-mail or a phone call to find out the answer (yes or no).
Sure.....why not. I guess it depends on the situation.

In my resent situation this dealer found me a car so I didn't have to wait three more months to get a car that I had already ordered. order. I had $1,000 BMW and $1,000 USAA which was used to reduce the capitalized cost of the car.

I was grateful for them finding me an even better car than the obe I ordered so I didn't push it in this situation because they did me a favor for which I was happy. Could I have got another $5 or $10 or whatever more off my lease...sure. In this case, it didn't matter.

Believe me, I don't knock people for trying to get the best price possible but for me it generally involves way more time than I'm willing to commit. We'll all be enjoying our cars and in a few weeks or months what we paid for it is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.