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Originally Posted by f1swk View Post
Sorry missed your reply previously... That link is now gone but must have been one I was looking at, there were a couple... I ultimately am going with one from a private seller.. But almost identical spec to the one you saw. Black on oyster
, dark oyster dashboard and steering wheel (I would prefer black), almost all the toys (adaptive m suspension, parking assist, etc) but no sunroof... Basically a launch car designed to show the new tech... And the ugly textured trim

To answer the OP's original question: if I was buying a car to use for x yrs before replacing a family car for ex, I think value for money and avoiding the initial depreciation is important... A loaded ex demo under warranty makes sense when you are talking 20%-40% off list price... If I was ordering a "special" car for myself to keep indefinitely, assuming its a currently produced model, I would want to spec it and own from new ( I don't trust people to take care of it like I do).