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I don't know why everyone is on BMW for these ads. The Concept might not be the production car but these ads are strictly used to put the new 4-Series name out there nothing more so I don't see why people are mocking the ads like using "Unavailable".

I mean these ads are playful in a sense where BMW is marketing something that isn't final or available but I'm sure once the production 4-Series is revealed, we'll see actually see "real" ads that represent the 4-Series in a more appropriate manner.

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Is it normal to have so much advertisement of a concept car? makes me wonder how close this really is to the production car.
I don't think the accuracy of how close the concept is to the final is relevant in these ads. While most would be happy if the final car did look like the concept, BMW just wants to have the 4-Series name out there because I don't see it being effective if BMW decided to only start marketing the 4-Series only when the reveal is made.