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My girlfriend picked up her Active Hybrid 3 last night that we ordered back in December. Such an awesome car, lease payments on it are crazy low!

A couple things I thought were cool that I wasn't expecting.

1. She didn't order navigation but it still comes with the larger navigation spec iDrive screen rather than the small non-navigation screen that all other F30 3 Series come with not equipped with nav.

2. Didn't do Sport Line but still has black exhaust tips and a lot of shadowline trim.

3. The leatherette is very high quality, seems better and less "grainy" than the X3 and F30 328i. I might be crazy on this but for some reason it feels and appears more like normal leather like I have in my E90.

I will report more on what she says after she puts some miles on it but so far it is all we hoped it would be!