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Originally Posted by new2013baby View Post
No Xenon/LED headlights and no LED taillights on a 435i = fail. Wake up BMW.
No bimmer should have these as an option. Should be even on the base models as BMW is a luxury brand, atleast here in North America.

Originally Posted by Liang View Post
Damn that 4 series is looking fat next to the A5 which is already big in its own right.
Wow didn't look at it that way but since you mentioned it, it does look huge and much chunkier than the svelte A5.

Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
I highly doubt the 4 series will look better than the A5
I'm sure it will whip it when it comes to driving pleasure
That's never been something audi does well (except the rs4)
But looks wise
The A5 still looks much better
It should outdrive the A5 as the A5 platform is 6 years old. The new A5/S5 will be due out in a year or two and then it should compete on par with the 4er as the current Audi cars have been received well by the press.

Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post
If they are pitting it against the A5, these things are going to be $60K+ cars. That's quite a bit more than what I think a 3/4 series should cost. But then again, maybe not as the basic A5 is somewhat reasonably priced.

Whatever BMW do, I hope they don't come out 3 flavors of 4 series that nobody can readily tell what the difference is among them is. I know I can't tell what the difference is between an A5, S5 and RS5.
At that price range I would start looking at used Porsches or even new Porsches.

The difference between the A5/S5/and RS5 is the same as 328i/335i/and M3 coupe. Not hard to comprehend. The only difference is that Audi makes the S5 compete with the 335i but adds more performance upgrades and interior upgrades than the 335i vs 328i to differentiate the models a little more.