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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
Interesting, but not surprised from some of your driving comments in other posts. Can you elaborate on your conclusions.

Is it that you are, as a driver, tuned to passive suspensions with fixed and predictable reactions?

When you say "adaptive are a little off in both positions" is that because the damping is following the "soft where possible and firm when necessary" concept? Or some other observation?

BTW, when you say "delete" are you intending to pull the plugs as it were, and run on the default firm setting? Or change the dampers to the passive setup?

Hi Pete

I am used to 'competition' style suspension.......upside down shocks, coil overs, etc......and one thing is for sure, for a given spring rate on a given car, there is only one set of perfect damping settings.

The passive M Sport suspension has had hundreds of laps round the Nurburgring, type set up all to achieve these 'ultimate' settings. An option like adaptive would have never had nearly as much attention.

The adaptive uses the same spring rate I believe, but has a softer and harder damper setting than the passive......not everyone will, but I can feel it is 'not quite right' in either setting.

F30 adaptive is also quite a simple system, solenoid valve opens up a secondary port, so on-off type adjustment.

Soft is under-damped and 'springy', not nice......and the sport setting is over damped, so much so that the suspension patters when the going gets rough. It also gets crashy in sport over some bumps.

I have done some pretty hard testing, and find that the passive is actually the better set up. Ideally the spring rate would be slightly harder with more damping to get really sporty, but for a road car, passive is not at all bad.

Regarding deleting it, I have just re-ordered an F30.........mine has been damaged and is not coming back to me

I get to fully spec up F30 number suspension has been deleted, VSS has been optioned as has HK.

Although my mind is being drawn to an M3