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Originally Posted by rich1068 View Post
Any more developments Dave?

I think I'm going to tackle the dealer again.
Hi Rich,

Sorry, I've been a bit crap & gone quiet. I was actually pretty deeply pissed off a couple of weeks ago when I took my car in. It cost me a couple of hours out of my day (I'm self employed and loose money for that) and it really narked me off when I heard that the 'head technician' thought the car was fine.

I sent quite a tough email to the dealer last week explaining pretty empirically what was going on and they rang me minutes later to book the car in. I talked to them again today and at first they wanted to repeat exactly the dance we did two weeks ago (I take car up, leave if for the day & head mechanic drives it alone) but I said no. We've finally agreed a date for me to take the head geezer out for a drive on 5th March.

Strangely, after being very constant since new, the sound has started to get worse in the last few days and it's more apparent in more situations now. In a way, that's good news, as the dealer will have to do something about it. Shame, as the car drives so well otherwise.

Derek, I think this is down to a few isolated case of problems with adaptive dampers. I wouldn't let this put of you off ordering adaptive. If you like driving, it's the way to go.

I'll let you know what happens on the 5th.