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Originally Posted by jimboss View Post
My car is being delivered next Friday so not really familiar with the internal layout.....where do you plug in the USB stick? is it in the armrest compartment? I've got the pro media. If using the USB will it also handle play lists ie set up sub directories on the USB stick?

If i decided to use my ipod classic do i need a special cable...BMW hints that a particular cable will be required.
Special cable (y-cable) cheap on ebay / Amazon which is I think what you're referring to and think this is just for some (older?) ipod's that didn't support audio out. From advice i've seen it's to try the standard Apple cable with the ipod first. Been told the USB does plug into arm-rest and also not sure if there's one in the glove box any more, so maybe software updates etc all done using the arm rest USB.

Like you i'll be fiddling about next Friday to get everything working!