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Originally Posted by 10nelyboi View Post
I'm new to this forum and still learning about code, will some 1 be kind enough to summary a few key points on what I need to code my car ? from what i have read after spending hours in this thread, i would need the Enet cable, which I'm planning to make it myself, which program would I need (which version ) and what about all ViN numbers and password ,I have a 2012
33i Luxury line with tech and premium package.
thank you.
PS : I m located in So Cal, if some is kind enough and willing to show me to code in person, I will come to you and of course pay you for your time
I'm in So Cal (Ventura County) too and have coded many F30's. Send me an e-mail at frogmanf30 at gmail dot com if you are interested.

You just missed the coding meet we did last weekend!

I've also had many people come here for coding if you don't mind the drive and don't want to wait for the next meet.

BTW: I don't do this for money, I do it for the BMW community and to give back for all the hard work that other people have put into making this available. I will accept Lunch though!