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Originally Posted by Jeff_in_Oviedo View Post
Great news! My "Track Your BMW" status just changed to "Production Begins"!!! The top image used to represent the car is exactly right, including the 403M wheels.

I also just called the 1800 number, and it confirmed that my car is in production, and the estimated completion date is March 5th.

From the description, the interior trim is incorrect(does not list the trim, lists all 3 accents under the heading "M Sport Line"). Also, does not mention the 403M wheels. Besides those issues, the description is correct.

My salesman told me that it was slated to start in week 10, which he and I thought was the week starting on March 3rd. Instead, the site now shows that it is starting production today, and I am curious if this is means it is really being built this week, or if it is normal to show this up to a week before it actually begins being built.

Anybody have any insight as to this? My salesman is on vacation and won't be back until Tuesday or Wednesday, so I will certainly call him then to see what he says.

On a side-note, I also got pre-approved today from my credit union(navy federal c.u.), so I am all set!
You just went status 150. Production has not started yet. What this is equivalent to is pulling a kit of parts to make your car. You can no longer make changes to your order. Status 151 (Body shop started) is the actual start of production. In my case there was 8 days between status 150 and status 151, but that varies. But you are closer now!
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