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Originally Posted by Axxlrod View Post
BMW only charges .20 per mile if you wait until end of lease. It's .15 cents per mile if you pay upfront or .16 during the lease up until 4 months before end of lease.

I believe there is a breaking point on sale price of car as the price goes up, it is more beneficial to buy miles versus lease them.

That's what i am trying figure out.
Okay, so same car with .15 cent miles instead of .20

10,000 mile lease = $471/month
15,000 mile lease = $502/month

10,000 mile lease at $471 + $125 of miles = $596/month
15,000 mile lease at $502 + $62 of miles = $564/month

You still lose. At these residuals it would break even at an $80k car, but chances are that $80k car will have a higher residual spread.