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Originally Posted by smohr33 View Post
BMW isn't stupid. They charge enough per mile to outweigh the initial residual benefit. Its $.20 per mile over, so if you had a 10k/year lease, and drove 20k/year, you would need to buy $2000 worth of mileage each year, or $166 per month.

Don't know your exact scenario, but I don't see how this could play out in your favor. You'll never win, the math should prove it:

$40,000 sale price
.00125 money factor
36mo lease
10,000 mile residual = 65%
15,000 mile residual = 62%

10,000 mile lease = $471/month
15,000 mile lease = $502/month

10,000 mile lease at $471 + $166 of miles = $637/month
15,000 mile lease at $502 + $83 of miles = $585/month
Curious about where you are getting your numbers. If it's an F30 sedan, the best I see for 15k miles is 60% residual, and the money factor is .0013 across the board for February.