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Originally Posted by jdong View Post
It's actually not an artifact of the torque converter, it's the shift program of the automatic. After driving aggressively, the car assumes you aren't finished aggressively accelerating yet. Hence, it holds the engine at the optimal gear for the fastest acceleration possible until it is convinced you're done having fun. The fastest way to do that is to either to back to Comfort / D or to lightly and steadily apply throttle.
Yes, if you temporarily need to accelerate to move out of the way of something, the throttle seems to get stuck in the high RPM. I actually thought it was a problem with the car. The stuck rev noise is somewhat obnoxious really. I understand how to break the stickiness by tapping the throttle again, but I'd like it to never do it in the first place.

Also with the auto there sometimes seems to be a lag problem where the gear won't engage immediately upon applying throttle, and you simply get high revs for about a second before any movement. That's dangerous, cause you plan your driving maneuvers based on expected (immediate) response.