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Originally Posted by shivaswrath View Post
i can see why our cars have all the squeaks and noise issues...the freaking test mules have felt lining covering the entire interior so all the sounds is muted!!
Are you joking? That's like saying covering a speaker with a tissue will suddenly make the noise go away... The felt is used to cover the interior from photographers.

On the issue of squeaks: it's next to impossible to have a car that has plastic, rubber, and metal not squeak when one market is facing 120 degree temperatures and no humidity while another is facing a blizzard. The other issue is producing hundreds of thousands of identical cars, which is not possible without increasing the price significantly. I've been in a brand new BMW 5-series that squeaks and rattles, and I've been a 3-series with 50,000 miles that's dead silent. Another big area where rattles come from are the folding rear seats because they're not solidly mounted to the car like normally would be. Yet another problem around is the dashboard, to get around this the Rolls-Royce Phantom by making the dash out of one solid piece of milled aluminum, instead of the traditional plastic.

So, do you want to trade in your BMW for a $400,000 Rolls-Royce?
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