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Originally Posted by Spacebug View Post
So i've just got word back from the dealer.. They can not find a problem. They have been out on a test drive and there is no noise to be heard. This is frustrating! I know the noise is there! The only thing i can say in their defence is that it is not something which happens all the time - some bumps it happens and some bumps it does not.

Where my parents live there is a long cobbled road. It happens everytime i drive down that road... Shame it is 300 miles from me otherwise i'd be taking the BMW service rep on a field trip..!

Anyone know of a cobbled road near Brighton?!?
Hi Spacebug,

I feel your pain. I've been through exactly this experience twice now and it costs me a couple of hours out of my (self-employed) day each time. I find the knocking sound is triggered more by the wheels dropping into small dips, rather than by hitting rising bumps. Worth looking out for, as you might find more places where you get the noise.

My car has go worse and, at just under 3,000 miles, I get the noise from every wheel at some point in my 4-mile low-speed commute through average city roads - small potholes, manhole cover depressions etc. Another very reliable trick is to drive find one of those very aggressive speed bumps - not the tarmac kind on public roads, but the laid heavy rubber variety with quite a sharp, almost triangular profile. There are a couple of these at my dealer premises - if you drive up to them very slowly, you'll hear the knocking as a wheel drops over the trailing edge.


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