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Originally Posted by Yobyot
Originally Posted by JK479 View Post
If you had the hard choice of picking Luxury Line over Sport Line, would giving up just the sport seats defeat the purpose of getting a RWD BMW?

Reason I ask... I've been tempted to buy a BMW Luxury. Exterior wise its a draw on the two.

Interior wise, I find myself wanting the burl and no red stitched seats of the luxury line. Yet those amazing Sportline seats.

As an aside, lets not include M sport as an option if you can. Rather, is there life in a luxury line after you've experienced sports seats?

Thanks for any input.
I was torn, too, between Luxury and Sport.

I was replacing an E90 330i and, at the end of the day, decided that since ZSL offered a square tire setup (important to me for cost reasons) I would try the Sport line.

Now, I'd never go back. Those seats are wonderful, amazing, astonishing. They make the car.

Many people think that Volvo makes the best seats in the business. I used to think so, too. My wife's XC60 seats are so comfortable we've done 400 miles in a day without nary a cramp.

But on a recent trip from Boston to NJ in my F30, my wife blurted out, "These are the most comfortable seats I've ever sat in in a car."

While I think a RWD ZSL is the ultimate F30 (sorry, M Sports fans, but there's just too much bling in that package and too little M) for a bunch of reasons, now that I clocked 6K miles in those seats I realize I'd pay the $1700 for the seats alone.
Sport seats need to be an option on modern, base and luxury! Great post!