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Originally Posted by TSiSPY007 View Post
I still can't seem to get album art to display on the nav screen... I'm using a Patriot Autobahn 32G drive in the center armrest USB connection. I tried using the program taghycardia to embed the track info as someone suggested in another thread (can't find that thread right now). All I see on the nav screen are the tracks of the album with a check mark beside the track being played and a thin red rectangle framing the name of the track, but no album art... it's like this for all the songs on the USB drive. Help! Thanks.
Hi, I'm the author of taghycardia. Could you write to with a more detailed description of your problem and possibly a sample mp3 file you tried to autotag with the program?

For taghycardia to discover and embed art in your mp3s, both "Auto fix cover art" and "Use Cover Art from Discogs" options must be on. Still, whenever the utility is unable to find art for a folder, it displays the corresponding warning. When this is the case, one can either try getting art using taghycardia's internal tag editor or put an image into the folder manually, and then rescan it with taghycardia; the program then would find and embed the image automatically.

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