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Originally Posted by DerekS View Post
Perhaps the M Sport package offered "too much bling" for you, but for a Canadian enthusiast like me, it offered some substantive improvements :

1. staggered summer performance tires and wheels (replace the otherwise crappy square all seasons that come on all other Canadian F30) for better traction, handling and braking;

2. the possibility to add Adaptive M suspension (not otherwise available in Canada) for suspension upgrade;

3. the possibility to add factory M Sport brakes (larger front rotors and Brembo callipers front and rear) for even better braking performance. These brakes are not available in the USA.

You may perhaps think that the M Sport steering wheel is also "bling", but it is by far the best looking wheel (and to touch as well) that BMW currently offers on any model.
I LOVE the steering wheel and weighted shifter. What I couldn't get past are the m badges, the less refined look of the front and rear bumper. On the M3, I see the purpose. But i couldn't reach for the M sport look as I think the original design is a nice one.

I see all points... but the thing about it is... I want the luxury and sport. And I cant get both. BMW won't let it happen. Kind of a sad thing since the f30 is a remarkable car.