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Originally Posted by Johnny5iv3 View Post
2) I find the small LCD screen on the bottom of the dashboard placed too low. With my steering column adjusted to sit pretty high to give me a comfy driving position, I find it obstructs the bottom half of the screen. So unless I look over the steering wheel, I can't usually see the bottom line of the screen showing the temp, ODO and trip meter.
My problem is I can't see the entire speedo, either I can't see the top or can't see the bottom. I've just set it so I can't see the top. on my E91 I could see the entire speed and LCD display. Anyway I've never sat in a F30 without the full black panel display, but its a lot bigger so can't comment on the smaller LCD display.

Originally Posted by Johnny5iv3 View Post
3) Reverse parking sensors continue beeping even after I take the gear shift out of reverse! Anyway to remedy this??
Happens on mine but only until I move forward again.

Lovely car, M Sport trim just looks the part