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This is driving me crazy now!

I picked up my f90 on 1/3 and was dreading these problems, especially after paying the extra for enhanced Bluetooth and BMW Apps.

On first pairing my iphone5 the sync was fine, address book transferred over, BMW apps ok...but no email or SMS...

Did various combinations and eventually got some SMS & emails before they stopped...played around (resetting notifications, rebooting, setting up notifications) and seemed to get SMS but no email, but it was a weekend so only 1/2 expecting any. Eager to try and isolate any issue did the update from BMW (why I need an update on a factory fresh car I don't know!) on Sunday, all still appeared OK.

Yesterday, Bluetooth pairing failed and would not reconnect had to delete and re-pair the phone...

Had a long roadtrip today and thought I had a working solution by not allowing my case to close on the open BMW apps screen and causing screen to lock but despite thinking I had it cracked I received a call and that seemed to break the data connection and nothing since! Worryingly, Bluetooth pairing failed again and I needed to re-pair again even after reboot of phone and turning engine off & locking/unlocking car.

In the background trying to get SMS to send via Dragon Dictate futilely! The dictation works fine, says sending via connected iPhone but nothing happens!

So problems
- random loss of Bluetooth pairing requiring in unpairing and re-pair to resolve
- intermittent email
- intermittent SMS
- multiple notifications for same email
- cant send SMS

Any ideas? It is driving me mad!