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Originally Posted by sunscreemer View Post
Interesting. I have also gone from a 170BHP diesel engine and am having to "re-learn" a petrol engine. I do find in Sport mode that the engine seems to be very responsive, so i've not missed the torque a great deal yet, the smooth delivery making up for it. I've not gone past 4,000 revs yet as still running in so i haven't been powering up steep inclines which is where i most enjoyed the torque in my diesel. I would imagine though that the 8AT will just step down to ensure the power. As for economy i've been getting only 28mpg so far but on a commute littered with temporary lights and the start-stop wasn't able to come on yet. I know the xDrive adds weight but i'm hoping my economy will start to climb a bit!
A thought the M5 gives 28 MPG out of town thats very low IMO for your car unless town driven all the time.
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