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Originally Posted by Johnny5iv3 View Post
Deffo agree with what you say about good torque in sports mode.

When I test drove the 320i xDrive in January, I remember the power really serges after about 4k revs so you really need to give it some to unlock the potential of the engine. I haven't really pushed my car yet, but I can feel I'm currently holding it back with my conserved driving style trying to take it easy.

I find when I'm pulling out of junctions etc I always put the car in sport mode as the the eco pro and comfort just don't feel zippy enough to quickly pull out, especially when the roads are busy.

I think with the petrol engine, you need to give it a bit more revs when pulling away compare to when I was driving a diesel. I think 1.5K revs in a diesel is not the same as 1.5k in a petrol, it's probably more like 2+k revs!
I guess once I get past the first few hundred miles i've got the joys of 4,000 plus revs! In Sport mode it seems lively enough without troubling that rev range so I feel happy so far. I have used comfort mode most of the time so far and find it more than able to nip out of junctions etc. but I can see Sport mode quickly becoming the default for a more enjoyable driving experience