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Originally Posted by Jeff_in_Oviedo View Post
I wondered the same thing, as I went through that yesterday. Actually, when they say estimated completion date, they don't mean for the paint job, they mean the entire car. I knew this was true when I called it again this morning and the car was already on its way to the port. Your car will be done today and on a train headed for port most likely by tonight. Check again tomorrow morning.

Also, the online tool just now shows that my vehicle is done, so it took until around noon on the day after production completion to show up on the website as "Production Ends".

All in all, yes, my car is roughly 24 hours ahead of yours. I don't know about the shipping, but I can assume there is a good chance we might be riding the same boat.
Spot on, Jeff. Mine changed today and is on its way to port of exit. Now the real tracking fun begins! If we are on same boat, mine should reach Baltimore before your's hits Brunswick?, and I'll catch up that day lost. The race is on!