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Originally Posted by alex2364 View Post
Apparently no one here has driven a S2000. That's how all stick shifts should be.
When was the last year Honda made the s2000? Honda's glory years are over for now until they get their head out of their wannabe Toyota rear ends. As far as performance and build quality their cars are garbage now, they make nothing to get the fun juices flowing anymore. They are boring with cheap interior parts that rattle horribly within 2000 miles of ownership. This used to not be the case. Their Civic Si transmission is the one now that reviewers speak well of but they have many problems that Honda refuses to acknowledge. Their horsepower numbers look pretty good on paper with the v6 accord until you drive it and wonder if perhaps they are little minature horses. It feels as though they must have huge drivetrain losses. Sorry for the rant but I am quite annoyed with Honda for now due to my dissapointment with my previous car from them and their absolutely boring product development. I suppose they make reliable people movers for 70 years old grandmas and soccer moms.