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Originally Posted by 1.fresh.f30.335 View Post
Glad you came to the right decision for you, I personally got the sport line for the seats, the wheels, the black and red accents (my car is AW so the black and red accent it nicely) and the last reason? Sport transmission, I ordered 6MT but it wouldn't have been in for like 6 months due to overbooking so I went with the sport AT and honestly love it... Thankfully I also have a stick in the garage so I don't have withdrawals haha
I have a lot of respect for both transmissions. Over all its an amazing machine. I think the sport automatic gives you the sense you have a state of the art piece of engineering.

BUt same can be said of the 6 speed manual. Its so well done, its really a joy to row. And in some ways, the control you get with engine braking is a blast to carve any fun street or valley.