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Originally Posted by BMWFanatic2008 View Post
drob23: Nice car! IMO, LCI B8 front-end looks much better/fresher than it used to be.

As far as the interior goes, I don't like 2 things:

1. No hand brake. I think it's a must have on a manual transmission car (you obv. have an auto so it isn't as important).
2. Don't like the cup holders position. Again, it would only be a big deal with a manual as the bottle or whatever else might go in there might interfere with one's hand.

Love the seats and the streeting wheel!
Thanks for the props! Yes the button ebrake is strange and it feels awkward knowing some mechatronic unit has to engage it (which could fail). It does free up a little space in the center console (MMI button layout is overkill so this is needed), but I would prefer the handbrake. I agree on the cupholder location, as it interferes with the center arm rest when you extend it. OTOH they are *very* sturdy and the drink never moves at all, compared to the crappy Japanese design where they pop out and bend all around.

One thing I do love is the finish of the wheel leather, it's just really mushy and soft. I never actually drove an M-sport, so I can't comment on that wheel, but I didn't like the stock one both in terms of looks and the finish quality. The leatherette also while easy to keep was certainly not in the same league as the Audi, so if I had to order a F30 today I would go with the Dakota.