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Originally Posted by 300hp View Post
Personally I did not like the dash layout of the Audi's, not taking anything away from the cars the interior are great but BMW's layout works for me.

The M Sport steering wheel is one of the best in the business though
Couple other random observations - love the under handle lights in the 3er, it's criminal that the S4 comes with interior bulb lighting (cost me 120 to order led replacements), the S4 has fogs, the S4 has rear fogs that you can activate (awesome to get tailgaters off your back), I was able to change the brightness of DRL's and various other headlight/tailight settings in VAGCOM. Also, able to activate features like roll up windows with FOB, watch video while driving (no I don't actually do this but a passager can), turn off annoying warning chimes/messages, enable lap timer and have the ability to run scans to check on various ECU faults etc. Coding these cars into Eurospec setting is really cool, I'm sure I'd get the same amount of enjoyment doing this in a 3er.