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Originally Posted by James T. Kirk View Post
I find it interesting that they try to emphasize dynamics (including liberal use of ///M badges) for a car that is mostly appealing to women and older consumers who care more about comfort and legroom.
What qualifies you to make this statement as if it were fact when it's just your opinion, something you pulled out of your ........ ? How do you know what they care about?

Compared to you perhaps, they are better described, I think, as people who don't need to pretend they drive a race car yet enjoy and appreciate fine German engineering and the graceful way a car takes that residential 80 degree turn as well as the thrill of popping into the HOV all in a civil digital cockpit where they can find the nearest Starbucks via 3D Google maps, by voice. Did I mention being able to change the suspension at the touch of a button for all their driving? Much more sophisticated drivers than little one trick ponies tearing up the neighborhood I think.