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I love it, and it will be the car to get me back in a BMW.

I loved my E39s and E46s, they got the handling bang on for every day cars, but my 535d and 335i were just too crashy, on anything but the smoothest of of roads they were horrible and did't even handle that well either.
My M3 CSL was far more comfy than my 335i, somthing there is not right.

The 5GT is a 7 series hatch, and it works, it is the best all round BMW made at the moment, but understand it is not to everyones tastes looks wise. We bought an F11 touring and didn't like it, lasted 10 weeks and was swapped, in the end for a 5GT.
Even I only like them in Black.

I would never buy a saloon (sedan) I simply don't like the image, to me it shouts company car driver, middle aged man.
Hatchback is first car, coupe is good looking no cares in the world car, estate (wagon) is young and sporty (thinking snowboards, bikes, surfboards etc.) and sedan is "the boss said I can have a BMW but it can only be a saloon as they are a safe image and cheaper."

The 3 GT will be like a sportier 5 series touring but will hopefully not be such a crashy ride compared with BMWs of recent years, it may allow you to push on properly, something that has been missing for the last 8 years or so.

Can't wait to test one of these.