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Originally Posted by gIzzE View Post
I would never buy a saloon (sedan) I simply don't like the image, to me it shouts company car driver, middle aged man.
Hatchback is first car, coupe is good looking no cares in the world car, estate (wagon) is young and sporty (thinking snowboards, bikes, surfboards etc.) and sedan is "the boss said I can have a BMW but it can only be a saloon as they are a safe image and cheaper."
That's very interesting. I sincerely wish we had those perceptions driving our market in the US. Over here, it's:
  • A hatchback is your first car...but it's an old first car because nobody sells them here anymore.
  • A coupe is good looking no cares in the world car (same).
  • A wagon is a...what is a wagon, you mean one of those wood sided things my mom drove in 1973? No thanks, I'll drive an SUV instead.
  • A sedan is a car.
I live in Colorado where we really do carry around all that stuff you mention, so I love wagons. I'm pissed that we don't have an M3 wagon over here, I'd certainly be driving one. Or at least a 335i xDrive.
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